February 11th - Day 1: Our journey begins - Leaving for Kazakhstan

Our first day of travel went as smooth as silk.  Our dear neighbor, Bob, drove us to the airport in Syracuse and we had an easy flight to Washington D.C.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and we flew right over the Eastern Finger Lakes.  In fact, we got a spectacular view of Otisco and Skaneateles Lakes and could even spot The Pines and Marsellus points!  What a great send-off!  Once in Washington, we wasted a lot of time searching the terminals for the perfect location to set up camp for a 5 plus hour layover so that we could be comfortable, eat, snooze, and maybe shop.  Although we never found such a spot, at least it made the time go by faster and we got some exercise!  After what seemed like an eternity (especially to Sierra), we greeted Robin (Amy's brother) off of his flight from Tampa.  (When we received our travel dates, we also found out that the baby house we would be visiting was under quarantine due to a virus and that Sierra would no longer be allowed to make the visits with us as planned.  So, we either needed to bring someone with us or leave her behind.  Robin had already offered to help out if we needed it so we took him up on his offer and he'll be staying with us for three weeks of the trip!  Words could never begin to describe what his presence means to us, not to mention the fact that he'll undoubtedly make the trip a lot more fun!)

Our flight to Frankfurt left at 6:30 p.m.  Sierra was really amazed that the plane - a 747 - was two stories tall and had a staircase.  While we were hoping for a good amount of shuteye during the 7 and a half hour flight, none of us got much sleep - even Sierra only slept for a couple of hours, if that.  We were distracted by the excitement and anticipation of being one step closer to meeting our baby ... as well as the novelty of a long flight in a big plane, the meal, the movie, and the cute babies in the sky cots/bassinets.  (They're like Moses baskets attached to the wall in the bulkhead rows for the babies to sleep in ... they were so cute ... and we'll probably need one for the trip home!!!!)


            Amy, David and Sierra in Syracuse                                                        View of home, Skaneateles Lake

Our Route...from New York to Almaty (Alma-Ata), the farthest city on the right