February 21st - Day 11: Emil, up close and personal

I can’t tell you how fascinated Emil is with his daddy!  Not that it’s a contest, but if it were, Dave would win the prize of being the most popular parent!  I don’t know if it’s the scruffy face, the glasses, Dave’s funny faces (you’ve seen some in the pictures), or the fact that Emil has never seen many (if any) men.  The fact remains, he is smitten with his daddy!  Dave is so imaginative at finding ways to entertain Emil and make him laugh! 

As you know, we are required to bring in five diapers and a change of clothing for Emil every day.  It’s amazing how much they bundle him up ... I would never put so many layers on him at home.   On top, he’s usually wearing a onesie or undershirt, shirt, and sweater or sweatshirt.  On the bottom, it’s cotton knit tights (over his diaper), pants (need to be heavy – knit or jeans, not lightweight cotton) and two additional pairs of socks.  Plus, they always have a cap on him.  It’s a wonder he doesn’t burn up!  Today, his undershirt came untucked and we got a sneak peak at his belly button (it’s an outie).  It’s so weird that we’ve been visiting him for a week and we still haven’t seen him naked!  I hope he has all his parts! 

In packing for our trip over here, we brought several little toys to bring to the baby house each day for Emil to play with ...  stacking cups, a little Tonka truck from a neighbor, a couple of stuffed animals, soft cloth ball, cloth book, finger puppets, and some other things.  So far, his favorites have been a Kleenex wrapper, paper towel tube, and the Glad container we carry some of the toys in!  It’s been so fun watching him explore.  One of the things we brought is a child’s mirror/rattle that’s in the shape of a flower with the mirror being the center and the petals being plastic semi-circles for teething or grasping.  It was lying on the floor and when he looked into it, he could see me looking into it as well.  He kept looking at the mirror and then at me and you could almost see him thinking, “Hey, wait a minute!  How can you be sitting in front of me and inside this toy at the same time?!”  We’re also curious about and thrilled with his apparent interest in music.  We’re not clear on what, if any, exposure he’s had to music but he clearly has a great sense of rhythm.  Whether it’s banging on the wooden chairs, shaking one of the rattles, nodding his head, or bending his knees, he seems to like to follow a beat.  Granted, he’s not quite as rhythmic with the piano that’s in the music room, but he’s definitely drawn to it.  Not a visit goes by that he doesn’t crawl over and reach up to bang on the keys.  He also appears to be an equestrian!  Okay, I guess that’s a little premature, but he loves to ride on the rocking horse.  Years ago, Kazakh boys learned to ride by being strapped to a horse at a young age; maybe we’ll strap him to the rocking horse!

Robin has been a champ taking care of Sierra while Dave and I are at the baby house.  They wrestle around a lot, have tickle fests, and sometimes watch a (usually appropriate kids’) movie.  They share a love of ice cream and know where to find the best in town.  Sierra has a lot of energy and Robin’s doing a great job of keeping up with her!  We are so blessed to have him here and he’s definitely making the trip a lot more fun!







"You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around ... "                            Mommy - daughter time