February 25th - Day 15: Dave's better; catching up

It's hard being away from home; it's even harder when you're sick.  Dave's been a real sport and we're glad to say that he's beginning to feel more human again.  Of course, since he hasn't been eating much he's feeling a little weak, but he had some lamb for dinner tonight so that should help!

To play it safe, Dave stayed home again this morning and Robin came with me to the baby house to visit Emil.  He seemed happy to see his Uncle Robin again and went right for his glasses!  We had a good visit and Dave was feeling well enough to go back in the afternoon.  I can't honestly say that Emil reacted any differently upon seeing Dave for the first time in two days.  It was hard to read him.  It's puzzling ... I know that sometimes children who have lived in orphanages can have attachment problems like that they don't attach well to people or that they attach too readily (to strangers, for example).  It seems like Emil is happy to go with anybody who is either going to feed him or give him attention.  I wonder how much of that is normal (probably a lot, I guess) and how much is abnormal.  I expect a baby his age to be more clingy than he is.  Oh well, don't mind me ... I'm just being a mommy, worrying about her little boy!

Not much else to report today ... I've been spending our free time between visits and tonight bringing us back up to date on our website, Robin and Sierra had a great wrestling match this afternoon and went outside to feed the birds (imagine a large chickadee with a yellow breast like an immature goldfinch, and a black strip down its breast - very cute) and Dave's been trying to take it easy.

We got some wonderful news at the baby house this afternoon .... Sierra will be able to go with us tomorrow morning to meet Emil!  We are so excited for her, for Emil, and for us as we have been looking forward to this moment for a long, long time!  The Andrews have generously offered us their handycam so we can capture the moment "on film!"  

Oh, and the hot water is back!  God bless and good night!


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